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Whatever your sphere of influence, your effectiveness will increase exponentially, as you engage in the values and principles that reflect the King. Determine today to engage your life's work at the starting gate of Kingdom Leadership Institute - Gulf Coast.
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Pre-recorded Classes

To better accommodate you and your schedule.

Access to Instructors

Individual and class correspondence is available for each student 24/7.

ZOOM Live Classes

Even though we are online, we want you to have the full experience as a student at KLI-GC. Zoom Live provides hands-on training that pre-recording can't give.

Step-by-Step Courses

We've created a simplistic course completion process to accommodate all students. By tracking your work step-by-step, you get the full benefit of what KLI-GC will provide.

Why should I enroll at KLI Gulf Coast?

Kingdom Leadership Institute Gulf Coast begins with your destiny and calling and prepares you for leadership in the kingdom of God. The strategy of KLI is individualized. Your leadership training can begin training at any level of spiritual and ministry maturity. We start where you are with what you do. You can function in any aspect of culture once you learn to function in kingdom culture, and we honor kingdom leaders from every walk of life. Students come from many professions and occupations.

We award measurements of achievement and training based upon the accumulation of experience and maturity as "measurements of standing" toward our diploma degrees. We award diploma degrees in Kingdom Leadership.We instruct and impart. We chart the discipling progress and preparation of our students. We function in alliance with regional satellites who share our fathering spirit. We maintain formal records and award diploma degrees of achievement in kingdom leadership.We train with a fathering spirit of leadership. We father fathers.

Meet your Instructors

Our certified instructors will unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your journey to Mastering Core Kingdom Principles.
Crispin Bennett, Rebecca Bennett, and Angela Broussard are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

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