Mastery Begins With Discovery.

Kingdom Leadership Institute Gulf Coast begins with your destiny and calling and prepares you for leadership excellence, no matter the sphere of influence. 

Discover. Develop. Influence.

Practical approach

KLI GC training provides for leadership development skills, utilizing a practical approach to discovery.  Students develop according to individual uniqueness and destiny track. Your best assets will come to the forefront.  

Internationally oriented

Strategies shared and knowledge earned allows development of your gifts in an environment that prepares you for influence. Whether local, regional, or international, you can be the impact and influence wherever you are around the globe. 

Established Excellence.

Kingdom Leadership is not limited. Through KLI GC, those that are career minded will be equipped to apply Kingdom culture strategies in their realm of influence, be it in business, government, the arts, or education. 


Our courses

Aim high, see big, judge widely

International Impact 

Comprehensive character development in Kingdom culture prepares and positions you to navigate and successfully engage your sphere of influence. 
Our students are leaders who desire to create, capture and deliver Kingdom value in a spiritual world. Our curriculum supports the implementation of core identity principles, leading to the development of strategies to optimize your leadership impact.


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See what our students are saying about us!

This is one of the most life changing books (Identity) I’ve ever read! This book had you deep in God’s word and you WILL see positive changes in your life and a deeper relationship with God! This series is fantastic!! All believers in Jesus should have it! The multiple different categories and options for learning new skills, refreshing old ones or trying different challenges, and the student project resources are superb.
D. Dubois
Ron and I were both sincerely blessed by classes taken or given by KLI GC. It was life enhancing; Spirit and Truth enlightenment. I only wish I could have taken everything that was offered!
D. Molsbee
Understanding who you are is just the first step. Ms. Rebecca has mastered this series and I have been blessed enough to witness her teachings. The best thing about 'Identity' is the endless growth you have in learning who you are in Christ. We are not meant to stay idle but to evolve and develop, but it all starts with 'you'. These courses and books will change your life.
L. Rexach
I met this lady that can light up the entire room and everyone in it! Angela can take a Bible verse that you may've read over 100 times and just dig the meat out! I don't know how she does it.
T. Evans
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