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Below you will find information on: Application Process, Tuition & Fees, MS System

3-Step Application Process

Three easy steps to begin the unlocking of your inner potential so you can excel in your daily spiritual life.
Step 1
Tell us about yourself
Before entry, we would love to get to know you better to more efficiently understand your individual needs.
$25 application fee
All we require is a one-time application fee of $25 to get started.
Review Process
In your application process, we will review and discuss your entry submission to determine your measure of standing for your needs.
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Step One   

When a new student applies to KLI-GC, they will provide a detailed application and summary of ministry experi­ence, previous training, and formal diploma completion. ​Once application is completely filled out and submitted, you will be redirected to our KLI GC PayPal account to pay your $25 Application Fee.

When reviewing the application, the Dean will provide to the student an initial “measurement of standing” (or MS) based upon practical ministry experience and previous training, both secular and religious. This might mean a student enters any one of the three diploma levels (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) with advanced standing.

Step Two   

The initial application fee is $25. Once paid, your application will officially be in the review process and pending acceptance via email.

Step Three   

Life experience is a valid measurement of kingdom leadership preparation. The initial placement honors what God has done and is doing through a person’s leadership. The Bible measures expertise and experience for leadership. We assume that every student in ministry is accountable to leaders for ministry experience. This kingdom leadership institute follows the principles, processes and protocols of kingdom culture. We wish to know that the students matriculated are representing the King in life and lifestyle.

Step Four  

Once accepted into KLI Gulf Coast, you'll receive your acceptance email and be prompted to pay a one-time $100 acceptance fee (this fee is required). Your student record will be created by our administrators, and you may begin to accumulate MS (Measurement of Standing) necessary to complete your degree. Each course has an applicable tuition, stated within the course description.

Once you've received your acceptance from KLI Gulf Coast Team, it's time for you to select your Courses! You'll be prompted to visit this page and enroll! 
Select Course > Enroll > Sign Up/Login > Complete Enrollment Purchase > GET YOUR DEGREE  
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The Kingdom is ready. ARE YOU?

Tuition, Fees and MS System


  • Undergraduate: $25 per MS
  • Class Certificate: $20 per MS
  • Audit: $15 per MS

Additional Information

The cost of books, supplies, and additional course fees may be required.

No grades will be provided nor credit will be awarded for audited courses. Audit tuition is non-refundable.


  • Application Fee: $25 (one-time)
  • Registration Fee: $100 (one-time, upon approval)
  • Technology (On-Site): $25 (per semester)
All fees are non-refundable.

MS System

  • MS stands for "Measurement of Standing"
  • Each class has a different MS total 
  • For example: One course for 3 MS
    The price for this course is 3 times (x) Tuition total*

    Total for Undergraduate: $75
    Total for Class Certificate: $60
    Total for Audited Course: $45
KLI-GC reserves the right to change the fees stated or to establish additional fees at any time without prior written notice.
When fee changes or additions are made, they become effective with the next payment date. 

(You will be redirected to to complete application)

Our Goal: Jesus remains the greatest leader of all times, and our greatest role model, yet He told us that we would do even greater things.  We were created in the image of God with great potential and authority.  Every believer is chosen and positioned to advance the Kingdom, and we have been called to transform our world through Kingdom leadership.  

KLI-GC will help you develop and maximize your leadership potential to prosper according to the promises of God and begin walking in your full destiny.  As you study with international leaders this is a great opportunity for mentorship and networking for global impact. 

About KLI-GC: Kingdom Leadership Institute-Gulf Coast is a satellite campus of Kingdom Leadership Institute, Jacksonville, Florida. KLI has been training kingdom leaders to step into their God-designed destiny for nearly 20 years.  By identifying and developing our natural gifts, and aligning with God’s purpose in our lives we tap into the true authority that we are designed to walk in.  KLI-GC leaders become empowered to influence our community and our world. KLI-GC will help you reach your God-designed destiny. 

KLI-GC provides a well-rounded curriculum in theological Bible studies, personal development, and Leadership to make you relevant and successful with a strong biblical foundation. This is accomplished in your time and at your own personal pace with minimal disruption to your daily life.We honor kingdom leaders from every walk of life. Students come from many professions and occupations. Whether you are already in business or ministry, constant development and training is important.  Our curriculum is designed to train leaders to understand the depths and impacts of the scriptures, as well as business concepts and principles that help you develop your full potential. 

KLI charts progress and award measurements of achievement and training based upon the accumulation of experience and maturity as "measurements of standing toward diploma degrees". We function in alliance with regional satellites who share our fathering spirit. We maintain formal records and award diploma degrees of achievement in Kingdom Leadership.
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