The Architect of Oikos & The Blueprints of Kingdom Culture

Repairing the Breach in the House of God
Doors Gates Thresholds 2 

Yet you may be thinking - 

"What is an oikos, and who is this architect?"

The answers await your discovery!  THE ARCHITECT OF OIKOS & THE BLUEPRINTS OF KINGDOM CULTURE  is a maturing discipleship class, This course will aid you, the student, in defining these terms.

The definitions of

* kingdom,
* kingdom culture, and
* oikos

will come to life. Moreover, as you finish this study, you'll discover you've developed a structural awareness of the Kingdom of God, with an ability to secure the boundaries of your oikos for generations to come.

The second installment of the Doors Gates & Thresholds Series will produce a fresh appreciation of the structure of the unseen realm - on the right side! Semester Two introduces the Creator King and His Kingdom. Shifting the focus of a statured disciple from enemy strongholds to Kingdom architecture allows for a renewed confidence in the King. The next seven weeks will prove fruitful.

Become equipped to successfully navigate the unseen structural components of the Kingdom of God, leading you to victory upon victory. The Kingdom of God awaits your choice and adjustment.

  • Angela Broussard

    Author, Director of Wells of Southgate
  • 1 hour

    Video duration
  • 8 hours

    Course duration
  • 1 Book

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What's included?

  • 7 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • Interactive Workshop
  • 7 Video
  • 6 Week Study Guide

The Architect of Oikos

Meet the Creator King, intent on building an estate of structured purpose.  Expansion and territory on His agenda, He chose to partner with His Heir.  Maturing in capacity to inherit, the sons of the Kingdom do as the King does.
We are required to participate as sons in the King's expansion of His Kingdom estate.
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Angela Broussard
Meet the instructor

Angela Broussard

I am Angela Broussard, Director of Wells of SouthGate, a Five-Fold Training and Equipping Center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  From this administrative leadership position,  I function in grace-flow as a Teacher, Prophetic Intercessor, as well as Strategic Co-Lead in Intercession that deals with land assignments.  Our group is a regional Ekklesia, apostolically led, with all five of the grace flows of Kingdom Leadership in operation.
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