Kingdom Values

Kingdom Values are the hallmark of who we are at Kingdom Leadership Institute. Just as behaviors determine character, we recognize that Kingdom Leaders must be discipled to become an effective part of the Ecclesia in every aspect of life through the obedience of righteousness. We cover and discuss Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20. We also delve into the Apostles’ Creed, the meaning of Protestant Theology, and the New Testament Ecclesia. We discuss character traits to which a Kingdom Leader may be identified.
3 MS Credits
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  • Instructors

    Dr. Rebecca D. Bennett
    & Angela Broussard
  • 1 hour

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  • 8 hours

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    Worksheets and Study Included

What's included?

  • 8 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 3 MS Credits
  • PDF Worksheets

A Kingdom Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

Kingdom culture is fundamental to how we demonstrate our faith through behaviors and beliefs. Are you expanding that culture or part of the division? 
Love is the foundation and honor is its cornerstone.
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Rebecca Bennett
This course was designed to establish Kingdom culture relationships by merging doctrinal understanding with practical experience. Kingdom 'core' Values speaks to the integrity of character. Character is defined by behaviors. Behaviors are measured by our choices.
Dr. Rebecca D. Bennett
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Meet the instructorS

Dr. Rebecca D. Bennett

In demonstrating a life of intentional honor by recognizing and regarding the boundaries of relational authority, the core of who Rebecca is shows up in all that she puts her hands to do.

She is a faith-based leader, author, business woman and instructor who encourages others to discover and become all that they can be, based on their unique gifts and talents. Rebecca has authored several books and is a prominent speaker and seminar leader throughout the Southeast.

Whether she is working for herself or working with another it is all the same, and the glory is not her own.
Meet the instructorS

Angela Broussard

I am Angela Broussard, Assistant Director of Wells of SouthGate, a Five-Fold Training and Equipping Center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. From this administrative leadership position, I function in grace-flow as a Teacher, Prophetic Intercessor, as well as Strategic Co-Lead in Intercession that deals with land assignments. Our group is a regional Ekklesia, apostolically led, with all five of the grace flows of Kingdom Leadership in operation.
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