History II: 
The Evolution of Religion

Through this course we compare Empires to see the nature of humanity against God’s original intent. See how God established His government throughout heaven and earth. We see God’s template demonstrated in the Old Testament from the flood of Noah and the New through God’s only Son. Have you recognized it?
  • Instructors

    Dr. Rebecca D. Bennett
  • 1 hour

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  • 7 hours

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What's included?

  • 6 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 3 MS
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Join us as we discuss and discover His true and original intent for this world.


Meet the instructor

Rebecca Bennett

By demonstrating a life of intentional honor and by recognizing and regarding the boundaries of relational authority, the core of who Rebecca is shows up in all that she puts her hands to do. 

She is a faith-based leader, author, business woman and instructor who encourages others to discover and become all that they can be, based on their unique gifts and talents.

Rebecca has authored several books and is a prominent speaker and seminar leader throughout the Southeast. Whether she is working for herself or working with another it is all the same, and the glory is not her own.
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