The Basics
of Ekklesia Intercession I

Every Kingdom citizen carries a responsibility to engage the King. Return from these encounters empowered to release His Kingdom rule in any and all situations, both private and corporate. Introducing the vital role of corporate intercession in the Kingdom government increase in a region or territory, the student will participate in an in-depth Biblical look at the necessary underpinning components of prayer.
3 MS Credits
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  • Angela Broussard

    Author, Assistant Director of Wells of SouthGate
  • 1 hour

    Video duration
  • 7 hours

    Course duration
  • 6 Worksheets

    Included in course value

What's included?

  • 6 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 3 MS Credits
  • 6 Worksheets Included
  • Lab Included

Every Kingdom citizen carries a responsibility to steward the territory of the King. 

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With judicial impact the corporate body establishes righteousness, justice, and peace in the land in which they live, move, and have their being. 
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Angela Broussard
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I met this lady that can light up the entire room and everyone in it! Angela can take a Bible verse that you may've read over 100 times and just dig the meat out! I don't know how she does it.
T. Evans
Ron and I were both sincerely blessed by classes taken or given by KLI GC. It was life enhancing; Spirit and Truth enlightenment. I only wish I could have taken everything that was offered!
D. Molsbee
The way that Angela presents her teachings helps you to connect, understand and bring clarity. It's simple, but deep too.
L. Brown

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Meet the instructor

Angela Broussard

I am Angela Broussard, Director of Wells of SouthGate, a Five-Fold Training and Equipping Center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  From this administrative leadership position,  I function in grace-flow as a Teacher, Prophetic Intercessor, as well as Strategic Co-Lead in Intercession that deals with land assignments.  Our group is a regional Ekklesia, apostolically led, with all five of the grace flows of Kingdom Leadership in operation.
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